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“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today”

— franklin d. roosevelt

Our world moves fast and the right person can help IT move faster, keeping you ahead of the curve.

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RL Simone is a boutique search firm focusing on the human capital needs of banking clients across the Southeast.

The need for individuals capable of understanding and synthesizing the vision of the bank is commensurate to growth. RL Simone's value is methodically helping banks find the right person for the job.

At RL Simone, our goal is to cultivate a long-term relationship with candidates and clients alike, and to help organizations navigate the seas of talent attraction, acquisition, and retention.

Inset Photos: Letty Chism

Inset Photos: Letty Chism



RL Simone takes a tried and true approach to recruiting. Our process is focused and systematic and it begins with taking time to understand the needs of our client company and business.

Areas of focus on a new search assignment include:

Company history and philosophy

Services provided

Growth goals

Company culture

Company Leadership

Understanding these focal points is important because all successful search activity depends on a thorough understanding of our client's unique "selling points." These points attract and excite potential candidates to the opportunity.

After collecting the data, we then proactively go to market, relying on our expertise and experience to uncover the best candidates for the role, who are typically engaged in projects for their current employer and not actively looking for their next career move.

During the initial qualifying phase of recruitment, we look for experience in specific functions as outlined by the job description as well as assess cultural fit between both client and candidate.

After careful consideration is given to the information collected, our firm presents the top group of candidates we feel best fit the position. These finalists represent the best match in background, experience, culture, and motivation to make a career change. We help facilitate the interview process and act as a mediator during the interview phase, sharing objective counsel to client and candidate.

We actively participate in the remaining parts of the process including:

Reference checking

Managing compensation expectations


Delivery of offer

Resignation coaching

Once our candidate is across the finish line, RL Simone makes it a point to follow-up with both client and candidate to assure the candidate's smooth transition and integration. 

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Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending -- In this world where professionalism is becoming a lost art, Reese still regards integrity, values, and customer service tantamount to a successful relationship. From my initial conversation, through three interviews, and consummating with a fantastic new opportunity, Reese was there every step of the way. I was extremely impressed and would recommend him highly for those in need of his expertise. Thanks again Reese! 
Reese is great simply because he listens. He understands what I need as far as skills, but also seeks to find the proper cultural fit and then he goes out and finds that person. Because of these things, I have not worked with any other recruiters in a long time. I would recommend Reese for your search needs.
— Bank president

Insurance Team Leader -- Reese recruited me for the position I now have with a global finance corporation. Reese was extremely professional and did an outstanding job putting the two of us together. He was very easy to work with, honest and upfront with the whole process. We had many long conversations before I took the position. He made the process extremely easy and positive. Thank you Reese for helping me find the best job I have ever had. 

Enjoyed working with Reese as he contacted me with a career advancement opportunity. He provided great assistance in every step of the process, from application, to interview, to offer and acceptance. Even after starting with my new employer, Reese kept in touch to make sure it was a great fit, which it was. Reese’s professionalism made the transition between jobs very smooth.
— Senior Relationship Manager


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Reese Chism is the Managing Director of RL Simone. Before the creation of RL Simone, he spent five years running a full-desk recruiting practice with ThinkingAhead Executive Search, a subsidiary of the Southwestern Company, one of Nashville's most established and regarded businesses. With his focus being Commercial Banking and Finance, he successfully closed business with clients that included global financial services companies, regional banks, and community banks. Prior to that, Reese was a GIS Analyst with AMEC Foster Wheeler where he played a role in completing a wide array of private, municipal, state, and government engineering projects. When he isn't on the phone, Reese spends his time with family, farming, performing, and teaching. 

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Finding great people and greater purpose.

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